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youth program

Regular course for children, using customized material for individual students instead of ordinary method books.
No more boring music! From the very beginning, students are introduced with familiar and fun to learn melody.
Leaf music believes that Enjoyable lesson experience creates quicker learning.
The text materials are officially being used at University of Toronto Children's' pedagogy program.

youth program 2

Advanced program for serious learners. Examinations takers, competition preparations etc...
Using old school Russian method. Students who wishes to take part in advanced program are required to practice minimum
15 min per a day at level 1 to 3,
30 min a day at level 4 to 6,
45 min a day at level 7 to 9,
1 hour a day at level 10.

adult program

Never had chance to learn piano at young? Never think it's too old to start!
Piano playing is excellent stimulus for your brain, and wonderful stress release for hard working days.
Learn your favorite song, beautiful melody, and amazing orchestra reduction.
Adult piano course are stress free. No weekly commitment required, book anytime you feel like.

*please note that 4:00pm to 8:00pm during weekdays are reserved only for youth program.

For all courses, fees are 55$/hour, 30$/30min.
5$ travel fee will apply for at home lesson.
※At home lesson time slots are limited. Please inquire.